New website launched

Kilmore Farm Produce are please to announce the launch of their new website in April 2015. We hope you enjoy!

Kilmore Farm Produce

Kilmore Farm Produce

Standing out from the competition

Paddy stand outs from his competitors because of his passion to ensure his crops are high quality and produced early in the year. Paddy has spent time building long term relationships with other growers such as Meade Potatoes Company, Gilfresh and Quinfresh, through this extended network Paddy had been able to advance his business and stay a steps ahead.

During these precarious economic times Paddy has worked in partnership with DARD and Invest NI who have assisted him and offered guidance, while he has been extending his yard with their support.

The Development of Kilmore Farm

In 2012 Kilmore Farm was approached to take part in a case study through First Trust and was selected as First Trust Banks SME Champion.

Paddy featured in Newspapers, Billboards, TV and Website advertisement promoting his partnership with First Trust Bank 



New Cold Storage Facility

Kilmore Farm Produce have recently installed a new cold storage facility which has the capacity to hold 150 tonnes of leeks.

By installing these cold storage facilities Kilmore Farm has the ability to supply regardless of weather conditions. Kilmore Farm can stock pile leeks so that towards the end of the season they are able to close the gap between seasons. 

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